Our Story

our history

The Story Behind unit22

unit22 was born

Startup Founded

In Overland Park, KS the idea behind unit22 was born and we immediately began offering our cyber security services to small businesses for basically free.

Startup Founded

June 2013

Team Growth

Service Delivery

The team grew to a three person team, this came with diverse skill set. this growth helped unit22 expand into its ecommerce, seo and cloud computing service offerings.

Service Delivery

August 2015


To Better Serve

With a need to upgrade our facilities and direct access to a larger pool of skilled labor, we moved our office from Overland Park, KS to Atlanta, GA. This helped us align our strategic growth plan.

To Better Serve

January 2018


International Reach

In 2019, we had the pleasure of working with three international companies in the oil and gas industry and e-commerce. This was and still is a huge milestone for us.

International Reach

March 2019

our process

How We Tackle Our Projects


This is where all projects begin. The value of the project is determined, as well as its feasibility.



If the project is approved, then the next step is to assemble a project team and to start planning how to manage the project so it can achieve its goals within budget and on time.



Now that we’ve done your planning, we'll to start the project. This is where the rubber hits the road.


Monitor & Close

We ensure that the project plan is being actualized, all aspects of the project must be monitored and adjusted as needed.
Once the project goals and objectives have been met. The last phase of the project is closing it out.


Skill Base

Combined Skills From Our Team

People and Communication skills
Market Knowledge
Customer Passion & Drive
Money Management skill

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